Sunday, June 10, 2012

Paper Bows

I love doing things with paper and when its paper that I already have on hand, all the better! I love reusing magazines since I already have plenty on hand.  Today's idea I found on Pinterest aka my new addiction!! Oh many an hour I spend on that site!!! Found the instructions here, it is in Portuguese, but Google translate fixed that!  

So, I take a magazine apart and cut 6 by 6 inch squares 
And a few folds later you get this! 
Now I will attempt to show you how I got there! 
Fold in half and repeat in the other direction
Open then fold in half on the diagonal, open and repeat on the other diagonal
Then fold in on itself to look like this 
With the open end on the bottom, fold down the folded tip
Open and it will look like this
Fold in on itself so the box in the center folds down. It should pretty much fold in on itself with a bit of help
Fold the top edges down and repeat on the other side
Open up
Turn over
Cut along the seams
Fold the top flap down
Fold down the first part of the bow and repeat on both sides
Cut down the middle seam
Fold the edges into the middle
Fold the inner edge to the outer edge
Turn over and tada!

I have made...a lot of these today. These will be great for gift wrapping, scrapbooking, decorating, or for me...killing time! 

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