Saturday, July 14, 2012

Glitter Plates

I. Love. Glitter. lol. Its just so fun! (the boyfriend on the other hand gets scared when I'm in glitter mode lol) About a month ago I tried to make a glitter plate to make a cake plate using the glitter Martha Stewart craft paint.  

It looked to promising! Glitter! 
But...when I held it up to the was far from opaque.  I was sad. And motivated!! 

Enter my new set of supplies! MOD PODGE!!! I mixed in A LOT of glitter into the mod podge to make my paint for the plate.

I put the plate on waxed paper so it would be a bit easier to remove the paper from the plate if the mod podge went over the edge. 
Layer one! I ended up doing about 4 layers letting them dry at least a half hour in between. 
Look! Glitter! OPAQUE glitter! lol 
With flash
Up close! 
After letting it dry for three days, I glued on my candle stick with E6000 to make my cake plate. 
The finished product at the DeAnza flea market! 

Am I totally in love? Why? The finish is a bit too bumpy for my taste. Think my next idea is to go back to the Martha Stewart paints and do a gradient effect so it won't be as hard to get an opaque finish. Woohoo! That means more glitter! lol


  1. I'd try a spray adhesive, then dip the plate in a tray of glitter so its completely opaque, let dry, knock off excess, then put a thick-drying clear coat (maybe the stuff they use on gym floors wouldn't be too expensive on a project this small?). I'd bet it would be smoother and more durable that way as glitter sort of clumps when mixed into most glues. Also, Modpodge is a waste of money, imo...I make my own using whatever glue I have around...I used wood glue for my glitter bottom heels I blogged and they're still going strong! >.<

    1. that is a genius idea!!! will totally have to try that out one day! thanks ^____^