Monday, October 8, 2012

October De Anza Flea Market

This past Saturday was the De Anza Flea Market and it was a blast! I have been helping out Mel from Fox and a Parasol for about a year and a half now, but this month was the first time we had a giant booth and space for me and Krystine to set up.  It was a blast even if we got there WAAAAAAY before the sun decided to rise. 5:30 am early.  I'm a morning person and this was EARLY lol. 

Our set up (with Krystine's pretty car in the back) 

Krystine and Mel made the bags on the left, Krystine also did the awesome painted mason jars and the mini mannequins. 

Here you can see the fabric pins Krystine made on the left.  They were awesome! Wish I got a pic of em! 

Stamped polymer clay pendants by me

Ribbon necklaces by me and stands by Krystine.  

Nail polish jewelry!! Aka my way of justifying my nail polish stash

Origami crane earrings and matching pendants

More origami earrings

More ribbon necklaces

Overall it was a blast! Early start and all lol. Can't wait for next month and need to get started making more stuff to sell! gotta get ready for that big holiday push! 


  1. Adore those stamped pendants! I've been considering doing the nail polish jewelry for Yule gifts as I need to justify my stash as well...

  2. the nail polish jewelry is sooooo addictive! One tip I have is to make sure you put plenty of top coat on them to make sure the glue doesn't eat through the polish when you attach the jewelry parts. Found that out the hard way, few days after I glued the first batch I noticed there were parts the glue ate all the way through the polish *sad face*