Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cinnamon Ornaments

I saw some cute cinnamon ornaments on Pinterest and so I started poking around the web to find more recipe.  I found this great one at McCormick.  What I liked about it is that it is just cinnamon and applesauce.  That's it!   Totally safe for pets and kids who may wanna gnaw on your ornaments =P

Here is all I need!

I mixed them together and made a dough. It smelled SO GOOD

Then I rolled them out to about a quarter inch in thickness and cut them out with little cookie cutters.  I used a small straw to make the holes in the top.  I baked them for about an hour at 200.  My whole place smelled so good! They should be rock hard when they are done.  After they cool I'm going to use some simple cotton twine as hangers.  

My tree will smell extra yummy this year.  They will also make really cute gift tags =) 

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