Sunday, April 14, 2013

Swan Paper Folding

What does this box of folded triangles mean? It means I'm going to make a swan! Called swan paper folding or 3-D origami, this is an easy way to make some impressive modular origami.  For this project I followed the directions found here

I personally find it easier to just fold paper when I have spare time (commercial breaks are great for this!) and once the box is full I will make something.

I assembled my pieces

Look at em in a row!

Started joining them together:

Tada! A base!

Keep adding rows:

And more rows:

And lookie! Wings! Word of advice (which I totally didn't follow) work on both wings at once.  Then you have a better chance of making them match up.  I made these one at a time and as you can see, they don't match up at all.

Make the neck:

And attach!

He came out pretty cute even if his wings are a bit lopsided. Hope you like! 

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