Monday, March 25, 2013

DIY Liquid Soap

So I am a girl on a budget.  So naturally I love saving money and I also love making my own things so DIY liquid soap seemed right up my ally!

Plus, did you know FUN TIMES are ahead when you stick a bar of Ivory soap in the microwave? No really, LOOK!!!

It blows up into this airy cloud of soap! And yes, this lead to WAY more excitement than it should have. I have always heard that it would do this, but was skeptical.  I now may or may not have an extra bar sitting around for days I need a pick me up....maybe. lalalala Moving on!

If you are using something other than Ivory soap, you will need to grate your soap. But, the microwaved Ivory soap is so airy it melts easily (and is fun!)

So add the soap to a pot of warm water and melt away!

I added more water, came back and....well...I now had a pot sized bar o soap. So added more water!

In the end it came out to one gallon water to 1 bar o soap.  It is pretty runny, so next time I think I will use a cup or two less and play around. You can always add more water if too thick.

But as you can see, its a bit, well, lumpy.

So I beat it! (was kinda thankful the boyfriend was not home as he would think I was a tad odd for using the mixer on soap...)

Then tada! You are done! I was able to make a gallon of liquid soap for about $0.25 since I got the bar soap on clearance. Not too shabby! Next time will try a little less water to see if I can get it thicker, but overall I am very happy.

And making more means more soap in the microwave which is SO FUN. ^___^


  1. I have to try this one as soon as I get a microwave! I've seen the tutorials for doing liquid with grated soap, but not this one, this looks like so much fun! I wonder if I could get unscented Ivory and add a few drops of essential oil...

    1. o0o0o I love the idea of using essential oil! But even if it doesn't work, just watching the soap expand in the mircrowave is worth the effort for me. ITS SO FUN!!!