Monday, March 18, 2013

Pillow Case Attempt #2

So now that I had recovered one of the seats in my chair, the other one was looking downright gross and needed to be covered too!

Yay....Nothing like a good old mystery stain to inspire a pillow cover right? So I learned my lesson last time and invested in some very handy sewing tools...pins! Concept right? Like I said...NEVER claimed to be able to sew...

So once again I wrapped the cushion with the fabric and pined the edges. I was also super carful to make sure I put the finished seams on the right side. See? I can learn!

So I sewed it and wrestled with the pillow to go into the case...and it came out...full of fail.  So the odd shape of the cushion totally surpassed my sewing ability. You can see the corners are a bit wonky.

BUT when put back on the chair it is not too terrible! It isn't great, but it is good enough to share a room with a somewhat destructive 4 year old boy. Someday I will stain the chair to match the rest of the dark wood in my place, but that is a project for another day!

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