Monday, March 4, 2013

Pillowcase Attempt #1

So the fact I have to put making a pillowcase as an "attempt" should really call out to my lack of sewing skills. This is the most involved sewing project of my life! Usually I just attempt to hem my pants (a required life skill for the uber short)

So, why would I make a pillowcase on my own if my sewing skills are so abysmal?

Well this is what happens when you have an older chair in a room with a four year old. The cover starts to rip.  Then is helped along with little hands.  Then those little hands discover how fun picking apart foam is.....

Luckily I had a random flat sheet from Ikea sitting around. Think at some point I was going to make curtains with these.  You know, five years ago....

First I wrapped up the pillow case and cut off the excess fabric.  It was kinda like wrapping a present, yay! Something I'm good at!

Then I pinned the edges.  Again, you can see I don't sew since I don't own sewing pins. Sooooo safety pins it was!

Then the other side...(notice how I made the pretty hem on the top. So when I turned it inside out it would make the inside pretty? Yeah....lack of planning....)

Then I sewed it! Turned it inside out, and fought with the foam to get the stupid thing back into the pillowcase. But! I won! woohoo!

The lovely inside hem that should have been on the inside but like I said...lack of planning.....

Is it beautiful? nope. Even? nope. Does it kinda actually resemble a pillowcase? YES! Will it prevent little child from picking apart foam? 

All in all not a total complete fail! I actually got to use my sewing machine! (yes, I have a really nice sewing machine for no good reason. Maybe I thought buying it would somehow create sewing ability....if you look above...yeah not so much lol)

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